"But I can design and write copy myself!"

The reason why prospects bounce from your page is probably not your product.

How does Apple manage to sell millions of overpriced silicon cuboids?

They refine their marketing, visuals and persuasive words like a hammer wielding blacksmith is forging and bending metal at his will.

You probably don't have an eye for Designing and Copywriting.

You, trying to design and write product pages is like a blind blacksmith trying to forge a sword.

I'm Bengin by the way, I do design, copywriting and fullstack web development for a living.

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Why Design and Sales Copy are Critically Important

Websites, hosting, domains, design, programming and copywriting seem quite daunting.

And it is quite daunting actually! How many small businesses and solopreneurs vanished even though their product or service was exceptionally good?

A poorly written copy (which can look really good in the eyes of a blind blacksmith) can demolish your sales / conversions.

Design is massively critical too. Without a good design, you loose a fat chunk of your credibility and authenticity.

I offer fully managed websites as well as design-only, copywriting-only or any other blends of my skills (like fully-fledged scalable web applications).

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My Latest Projects


Twitter DM Mastery

I created this landing page for Elijas' Twitter DM Mastery.

One of his requests was to use his teal brand color and the wavy theme.

I managed to create this design based on his brand color and use those prominent waves as transitions between different sections.



I designed the landing page for Subscribee with a dark-mode vibe and clean, modern fonts.

The design combined with the copywriting yielded 200+ waiting list signups filled with creators waiting for the service to be fully released.

Want to Know What You can Expect?


Many copywriters and web designers simply want to start and finish the thing as fast a possible.

This is not how I like to work. While deadlines can be set by you, I like to produce the best results for you I can.

First, by clicking on one of the shiny buttons, you'll fill out a 3 minute survey.

This helps me understand if and how I can help you.


Everyone knows that salesy texts do not work anymore.

They simply sound shady like the sales guy that wants to get a foot into your door.

Do you know how to make your visitors pull out their credit card, specifically for your product?

If we are a fit in the Discovery stage, I'll show you here.

Web Design

After getting to know you & your brand, I'll start with the website itself.

I'll design a handcrafted page that's meticulously tailored for your brand, just like an impressive italian suite.

Design is neglected by many "pure" copywriters.

But design is the first impression. Fail to nail it and it's the last one, too.

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You like having someone do this for you. Self-Service solutions are a waste of your time.

You don't want to feel letdown, you don't want the project finished ASAP at all costs.

Buying courses, spending time on them and getting mediocre results is not acceptable for you.

Communication is key. You don't want a robot, nor do you want a support-team-member as your contact.

You have the money, so you want the actual expert that genuinely works in favor of you.

You want them to educate you whenever needed and simply go for it when not.

You don't want an allrounder, you don't want 3 specialists to create your site and deal with the management overhead either.

You want someone like me. You want effective, custom-tailored websites.

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